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List of Anti Cancer Medicines[Oncology], liver, gallbladder, biliary tree, and pancreas[Hepatology], Hepatitis B C A, HIV Aids, kidney diseases, including electrolyte disturbances and hypertension, renal replacement therapy, including dialysis and renal transplant patients, acute kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, hematuria, proteinuria, kidney stones, hypertension, and disorders of acid/base or electrolytes [Nephrology]

We are one of the most, prominent logistic service providers of Allopathic Medications. These medicines are sourced from some of the most reliable and reputed manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. All below medicines are made available at competitive prices and are assured of purity and effectiveness. The range of medicines offered by us includes:

You may order below Hepatology Nephrology Oncology Medicines, Anti Cancer Medicine with Prescription. We will purchase and courier to anywhere in the world. Indian Anti Cancer Medicine through courier.
Sl No Product Composition Pack
I Sanofi Aventis (oncology)

1 Taxotere 20mg inj Docetexel Vial
2 Taxotere 80mg inj Docetexel Vial
3 Granocyte 34 inj Lenograstim Vial
4 Fasturtec 1.5mg inj Rasburicase Vial

II Biocon Ltd. (Oncology)

1 Abraxane 100 mg Inj Paclitaxel with Human Albumin Vial
2 Biomab (EGFR) Inj (4x10 ml) Nimotuzumab 1
3 Nufil PFS Inj 0.5 ml Filgrastim PFS
4 Erypro Safe 10000 PFS Inj Erythropoetien 1 ml
5 Erypro Safe 40000 PFS Inj Erythropoetien 1 ml

III Wyeth

1 Enbrel 25mg pfs inj Etanercept 1's
2 Enbrel 50mg pfs inj Etanercept 1's
3 Rapamune 1 mg Tab Sirolimus  10's
4 Tygacil 50 mg Inj Tygecycline Vial
5 Zosyn 4.5 mg Piperacillin+tazobactam Vial

IV GlaxoSmithKline

1 Tykerb 250mg Tab Lapatinib Ditosylate 70's

V Merck Specialities Pvt.Ltd.

1 Erbitux inj 100mg/ 20 ml Cetuximab Vial
2 Erbitux inj 500mg/ 100 ml Cetuximab Vial
3 UFT  caps (120'S) Tegafur&Uracil 120'S
4 UFT  caps (28'S) Tegafur&Uracil 28'S

VI  Bristol Myers Squibb (Hepetology)
1 Baraclude Tabs 0.5 mg Entecavir 30's
2 Baraclude Tabs 1mg Entecavir 30's
3 Baraclude Solution Entecavir 210 ml

Sl No Product Composition Pack
VII UCB (United Chemicals - Belgium)
1 Keppra 250 mg Tab Levetiracetam 10's
2 Keppra 500 mg Tab Levetiracetam 10's
3 Keppra 1000 mg Tab Levetiracetam 10's
4 Keppra 300 mg 10 % Oral Solution Levetiracetam Each

VIII Eli-Lilly (Oncology)

1 Gemcite Inj 1GM Gemcitabine Hcl Vial
2 Gemcite Inj 200mg Gemcitabine Hcl Vial
3 Alimta Inj 500 mg Pemetrexed Vial
4 Alimta Inj 100 mg Pemetrexed Vial

IX Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. (Oncology)
1 Blaztere inj 4mg Zolendronic Acid Vial
2 Cantop 2.5mg inj Topotecan Hcl Vial
3 Capiibine 500mg tab  capecatibine 10's
4 Capiibine 500mg tab capecatibine 30's
5 Cytogem Inj 200mg Gemcitabine Hcl Vial
6 Cytogem Inj 1gm Gemcitabine Hcl Vial
7 Dacotin Inj 50 mg Oxaliplatin Vial
8 Dacotin Inj 100 mg Oxaliplatin Vial
9 Docetere Inj 20 mg Docetaxel Vial
10 Docetere Inj 80 mg Docetaxel Vial
11 Docetere Inj 120mg Docetaxel Vial
12 Glioz 20mg caps Temozolomide 5's
13 Glioz 100mg caps Temozolomide 5's
14 Glioz 250mg caps Temozolomide 5's
15 Grafeel 300 mcg inj PFS Filgrastim  PFS
16 Grafeel 300mg inj Vial Filgrastim  Vial
17 Irnocam Inj 100mg  Irnotecam Inj Vial
18 Irnocam Inj 40mg  Irnotecam Inj Vial
19 Lenangio 5mg cap Lenalidomide 10's
20 Lenangio 10mg cap Lenalidomide 10's
21 Lomtin Cap Lomustine 5'S
22 Mitotax Inj 30mg Paclitaxel Vial
23 Mitotax Inj 100 mg Paclitaxel Vial
24 Mitotax Inj 250mg Paclitaxel Vial
25 Mitotax Inj 300mg  Paclitaxel Vial
26 Myezom Inj  2 mg Bortezomib Vial
27 Myezom Inj 3.5 mg Bortezomib Vial
28 Oreta Tabs 2.5mg Letrozole 10's
29 Palzen 0.25mg inj Palonosetron 5ml
30 Pemgem 100mg inj Pemetrexed Vial
31 Pemgem 500mg inj Pemetrexed Vial
32 Reditux 100mg inj Rituximab 10ml
33 Reditux 500mg inj Rituximab 50ml
34 Solvent for Docetere 120mg inj Solvent 9ml
35 Solvent for Docetere 80mg inj Solvent 6ml
36 Solvent for Docetere 20mg inj Solvent 1.5ml
37 Thaangio caps 100mg  Thalidomide 30's
38 Thaangio caps 100mg  Thalidomide 10's
39 Thaangio caps 50MG Thalidomide 10's
40 Verz Inj 200mg Voriconazole Vial
41 Verz Tab 200mg Voriconazole 4'S
42 Verz Tab 50mg Voriconazole 4'S
43 Xefta Tab 250mg Gefitinib 10'S

Sl No Product Composition Pack
X Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. (Nephrology)
1 Edeto Tab 10 mg Torsemide 10's
2 Edeto Tab 20 mg Torsemide 10's
3 Edeto Tab 100 mg Torsemide 10's
4 Fosend tab 250mg Lanthanum 10's
5 Fosend tab 500mg Lanthanum 10's
6 Suez Inj Iron Sucrose 5ml
7 Redispar Cap 0.5mg Doxercaciferol Soft Gelatin 10'S
8 Redispar Cap 2.5mg Doxercaciferol Soft Gelatin 10'S
9 Rextro Tab 200mg Voriconazole 4'S
10 Rextro Tab 50mg Voriconazole 4'S
11 Setz Tab 30mg Cinalcalcet 10'S
12 Setz Tab 60mg Cinalcalcet 10'S
13 Setz Tab 90mg Cinalcalcet 10'S
14 Tenflay Tab 6mg Deflazacort 6'S
15 Tenflay Tab 30mg Deflazacort 6'S

XI Roche  Ltd. (F.Hoffmann-LA)

1 Avastin 100mg inj Bevacizumab Vial
2 Bondronate 6mg/6ml Ibandronic Acid Amp
3 Bondronate 50 mg Tab Ibandronic Acid 7's
4 CellCept Tab 500mg Mycomofetil Maleate  10's
5 CellCept Tab 250mg Mycomofetil Maleate  10's
6 Cymevene Inj Ganciclovir Vial
7 Herceptin Inj 440 mg 50 ml Transtuzumab Vial
8 Mabthera Inj 100mg Rituximab Vial
9 Mabthera Inj 500mg Rituximab Vial
10 Neupogen 30 MIO 0.5 ml Inj Filgrastim PFS
11 Neupogen 30 MIU 1.0ml Inj  Filgrastim Vial
12 Neorecormon 2000 I.U Epotien Beta PFS
13 Neorecormon 4000 I.U Epotien Beta PFS
14 Neorecormon 5000 I.U Epotien Beta PFS
15 Neorecormon 10000 I.U Epotien Beta PFS
16 Neorecormon 30000 I.U Epotien Beta PFS
17 Neulastim 6mg inj Pegfilgratim PFS
18 Pegasys Inj 135mcg Peg Interferon Vial
19 Pegasys Inj 180mcg Peg Interferon Vial
20 Roferon Inj 3.0M.I.U Interferon Beta PFS
21 Roferon Inj 4.5 M.I.U Interferon Beta PFS
22 Tarceva 100mg cap Erlotinib 10's
23 Tarceva 150mg cap Erlotinib 10's
24 Valcyte 450mg tab Valganciclovir 60's
25 Vesanoid 10mg cap Tretinoin 100's
26 Xeloda 500mg Tab Capecitabine 10's
27 Zenapax Inj Daclizumab Vial
28 Actimra 80mg inj Toainizumab vial
29 Actimra 200mg inj Toainizumab Vial
30 Actimra 400mg inj Toainizumab Vial

XII Sun Pharma (Oncology)

1 Anabrez Tabs 1mg Anastrazole 5's
2 Carcidox 200mg caps Doxifluradine 6's
3 Caxeta 500mg caps Capecitabine  4's
4 Colotecan 40mg Irinotecan Inj Vial
5 Colotecan 100mg Irinotecan Inj Vial
6 Docefrez 20mg inj Docetaxel  Vial
7 Docefrez 80mg inj Docetaxel  Vial
8 Exmasin Tab Exemestane 5's
9 Gemtaz Inj 1gm GemcitabineHCL Vial
10 Gemtaz Inj 200mg GemcitabineHCL Vial
11 Gliotem Caps 20mg Temozolomide 1's
12 Gliotem Caps 100mg Temozolomide 1's
13 Gliotem Caps 250mg  Temozolomide 1's
14 Graniset Inj 3mg/ 3ml Granisetron Vial
15 Graniset Tab 1mg Granisetron 4's
16 Idrofos 50-Tab Ibandronic Acid 5's
17 Idrofos Inj. Ibandronic Acid Vial
18 Imalek Tab 100mg Imatinib 10's
19 Imalek Tab 400mg Imatinib 6's
20 Lambin Inj 50ml Liposomal Amphotericin - B Vial
21 Lenzest Cap 5mg Lenalidomide 10's
22 Lenzest Cap 10mg Lenalidomide 10's
23 Lenzest Cap 25mg Lenalidomide 10's
24 Letroz 2.5mg Letrezol 5's
25 Lipodox Inj 20mg/ 10ml Liposomal +Doxorubicin Vial
26 Lipodox Inj 10mg/ 5ml Liposomal +Doxorubicin Vial
27 Lupride Depot 3.75mg Leuprolide Acetate Vial
28 Lupride Depot 7.5mg Leuprolide Acetate Vial
29 Lupride Depot 11.25mg Leuprolide Acetate Vial
30 Lupride Depot 22.5mg Leuprolide Acetate Vial
31 Octride Depot Inj 10mg Octreotide Vial
32 Octride Depot Inj 20mg Octreotide Vial
33 Oncocristin Inj 1ml Vincristin Vial
34 Oncotaxel Inj100mg Paclitaxel Vial
35 Oncotaxel Inj260mg Paclitaxel Vial
36 Oncotron Inj Mitoxantrone Vial
37 Oxiplat Inj 50mg Oxaliplatin Vial
38 Oxiplat Inj 100mg Oxaliplatin Vial
39 Palonew 0.25mg inj Palonosetron Hcl  5ml
40 Pexitaz Inj 100mg Pemetrexed Vial

Sl No Product Composition Pack

Sun Pharma (Oncology)

41 Pexitaz Inj 500mg Pemetrexed Vial
42 Pilomax Tabs 5mg Pilocarpine HCL 10's
43 Thaloma Caps 100mg Thalidomide 10's
44 Tyrogef Tab 250mg Gefitinib 10's
45 Voraze 200 mg Inj  Voriconazole Vial
46 Voraze 50 mg tab  Voriconazole 4's
47 Voraze 200 mg tab  Voriconazole 4's
48 Zobone Inj 4gm Zoledronic Acid Vial
49 Lipodox 50mg Liposomal +Doxorubicin Vial

XIII Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd (Dabur Oncology)
1 Amifos Inj 300 mg Amifostine Vial
2 Amifos Inj 500 mg Amifostine Vial
3 Daxotel Inj 20mg Docetaxel Vial
4 Daxotel Inj 80mg Docetaxel Vial
5 Daxotel Inj 120mg Docetaxel Vial
6 Fivoflu Inj 250mg Fluorouracil 5ml
7 Fivoflu Inj  500mg Fluorouracil 10ml
8 Fytosid Inj 100mg Etoposide 5ml
9 Gemita Inj 200mg Gemcitabine Vial
10 Gemita Inj 1gm Gemcitabine Vial
11 Gemita Inj 1.4gm Gemcitabine Vial
12 Hydab 500mg Cap Hydroxeurea 10's
13 Intaxel Inj 30mg Paclitaxel Vial
14 Intaxel Inj 100mg Paclitaxel Vial
15 Intaxel Inj 260mg Paclitaxel Vial
16 Ipamide with mesna Inj 1gm Ifosfamide with mesna Vial
17 Ipamide with mesna Inj 2gm Ifosfamide with mesna Vial
18 Kemocarb Inj 150mg Carboplatin 15ml
19 Kemocarb Inj 450mg Carboplatin 45ml
20 Ledoxan Inj 200mg Cyclophosphamide Vial
21 Ledoxan Inj 500mg Cyclophosphamide Vial
22 Ledoxan Inj 1gm Cyclophosphamide Vial
23 Ledoxan Tab 50mg Cyclophosphamide 10's
24 Solvent for Daxotel 20mg Solvent Vial
25 Solvent for Daxotel 80mg Solvent Vial
26 Solvent for Daxotel 120mg Solvent Vial
27 Zexate Inj 15mg Methotrexate 3ml
28 Zexate Inj 50 mg Methotrexate 3ml
29 Zexate Inj 500mg Methotrexate 20ml
30 Zexate Tab 2.5mg Methotrexate 10's
31 Zyfoss Inj 4mg Zoledronic Acid Vial
32 Adrim Inj 10mg Doxorubicin Hcl Vial
33 Adrim Inj 50mg Doxorubicin Hcl Vial
34 Bleomycin Inj 15 mg Bleomycin Vial
35 Bypro Tab  Bicalutamide 10's
36 Cladrim Inj 10 mg Cladribine Vial
37 Cytarine Inj 100mg Cytarabine 1ml
38 Cytarine Inj 500mg Cytarabine 5ml
39 Cytarine Inj 1gm Cytarabine 10ml
40 Imicap Caps 100mg Imatinib Mesylate 10's
41 Imicap Caps 400mg Imatinib Mesylate 10's
42 Irinotel Inj 40mg Irinotecan Hcl Trihydrate 2ml
43 Irinotel Inj 100mg Irinotecan Hcl Trihydrate 5ml
44 Kemoplat Inj 10mg Cisplatin 10ml
45 Kemoplat Inj 50mg Cisplatin 50ml

Sl No Product Composition Pack

Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd (Dabur Oncology)
46 Leucovorin Calcium Inj 15mg Leucovorin Calcium Vial
47 Leucovorin Calcium Inj 50mg Leucovorin Calcium Vial
48 Neumax PFS 300Mcg Filgrastim 1ml
49 Nanoxel 30mg/1.5ml Inj Paclitaxel Nanoparticle Vial
50 Nanoxel 100mg/5ml Inj Paclitaxel Nanoparticle Vial
51 Nanoxel 300mg/15ml Inj Paclitaxel Nanoparticle Vial
52 Oxitan Inj 100mg Oxaliplatin 50ml
53 Oxitan Inj 50mg Oxaliplatin 25ml
54 Tamoxifen Tab 10mg Tamoxifen Citrate 10's
55 Tamoxifen Tab 20mg Tamoxifen Citrate 10's
56 Temozam Caps 20mg Temozolomide 5's
57 Temozam Caps 100mg Temozolomide 5's
58 Temozam Caps 250mg Temozolomide 5's
59 Thalix Caps  50mg Thalidomide 10's
60 Thalix Caps 100mg Thalidomide 10's
61 Thalix Caps 200mg Thalidomide 10's
62 Trozet Tabs 2.5mg Letrozole 10's
63 Vinelbine Inj 10 mg Vinorelbine Vial
64 Vinelbine Inj 50 mg Vinorelbine Vial
65 Zocitab Tab 500mg Capecitabine  10's

Zydus Alidac (Heptiza)

1 Entehep 0.5mg tabs Entacavir 10's
2 Entehep 1mg tabs Entacavir 10's
3 Tenohep 300mg tabs Tenofovir 10's
4 Pegihep 80mcg iu Peginterferon Vial

Ranbaxy Lab.

1 CERUVIN 150MG TABS Clopidogrel 4`S
2 CERUVIN A CAPS Clopidogrel+Aspirin 10`S
3 CERUVIN AF CAPS Clopidogre+aspirin150 10`S
4 CERUVIN TABS Clopidogrel 10`S
5 COVANCE 25MG TABS Losartan 10`S
6 COVANCE 50MG TABS Losartan 30`S
7 COVANCE AT TABS Losartan+Atenolol 10`S
8 COVANCE D TABS Losartan+hydrochlorothiazide 10`S
9 ETROBAX 60MG TABS Etoricoxib 10`S
10 ETROBAX 90MG TABS Etoricoxib 10`S
11 GEMBAX TABS Gemifloxacin 5`S
12 PIOGLAR 15MG TABS Pioglitazone 10`S
13 PIOGLAR 30MG TABS Pioglitazone 10`S
14 PIOGLAR G TABS Pioglitazone+Glimipiride 10`S
15 PIOGLAR GF TABS Pioglitazone+Glimipiride 10`S
16 PIOGLAR M TABS Pioglitazone+Metformin 10`S
17 RICONIA LP TABS Vitamis&minerals 15`S
18 RIOMET OD 1000MG TABS Metformin H.S.R. 10`S
19 RIOMET OD 500 MG TABS Metformin H.S.R. 10`S
20 RIOMET OD 850MG TABS Metformin H.S.R. 10`S
21 ROMILAST 4MG montelukast sodium.  15`S
22 ROMILAST 5MG TABS montelukast sodium.  15`S
23 ROSUVAN 40MG TABS Rosuvastatin calcium 10`S
24 ROSUVAS 10MG TABS Rosuvastatin calcium 10`s
25 ROSUVAS 20MG TABS Rosuvastatin calcium 10`S
26 ROSUVAS 5MG TABS Rosuvastatin calcium 10`S
27 ROSUVAS EZ 10MG TABS Rosuvastatin calcium+ezetimibe 10`S
28 ROSUVAS F 10MG TABS Rosuvastatin 10`S
29 SIMVOTIN 10MG TABS Simvastatin 10`S
30 SIMVOTIN 20MG TABS Simvastatin 10`S
31 SIMVOTIN 5MG TABS Simvastatin 10`S
32 STANLIP 145MG TABS Fenofibrate 10`S
33 STORVAS 10MG TABS Atorvastatin 10`S
34 STORVAS 20MG TABS Atorvastatin 10`S
35 STORVAS 40MG TAB Atorvastatin 10`S
36 STORVAS 5MG TABS Atorvastatin 10`S
37 STORVAS 80MG TABS Atorvastatin 10`S
38 SYNASMA TABS doxofylline 15`S
39 VOLIX 0.2MG TABS Voglibose 10`S
40 VOLIX 0.3MG TABS Voglibose 10`S
41 ZANOCIN 200MG TABS Ofloxacin 10`S
42 ZANOCIN OD 400MG TABS Ofloxacin 5`S
Cadila Health Care (Heptiza)
1 Entehep 0.5mg Tab Entecavir 10ís
2 Entehep 1mg Tab Entecavir 10ís
3 Entehep 0.5mg Tab Tenofovir 10ís
4 Pegihep 50mcg Inj Peg.Interferon Alfa 2B vial
5 Pegihep 80mcg Inj Peg.Interferon Alfa 2B vial
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